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We work with companies who are serious about getting real returns from their CRM implementation and reinvigorating their business through our proven OCRM methodology. 

Our approach to effective CRM

The OCRM Approach is to understand your business and customer objectives by looking at People, Process, Data as well as Technology – all from the users’ perspective

Why invest in improving your CRM?

A well-defined, fully operational CRM system will produce critical business and sales insight – A poorly implemented CRM system will have exactly the opposite effect.

Companies we’ve worked for

"95% of users aren’t interested in CRM, they just want something that makes their life easier and their job more efficient. These are the people you must focus on and who are so important to the success of your roll-out!"


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OCRM is the new CRM

CRM, has become just another 3 letter IT acronym, to mean a piece of software, when there’s far more to it than that

OCRM stands for Organisational CRM, a well tried and tested methodology which focuses on everything which CRM should do, but doesn’t. CRM will never be totally effective without OCRM!

Software is only part of the overall customer and business strategy, which is why OCRM focuses on ‘The 4 Essentials’ – People, Processes, Data as well as Technology and brings together all relevant business departments.

OCRM covers far more than traditional CRM, defining success factors up front, introducing measurable targets, then looking for easy and logical solutions by putting the users’ interests first. If users are happy, everyone is happy!

Some of the outcomes which OCRM provides:

  • Energizes your sales force and improves their performance
  • Improves client service quality
  • Establishes better client relationships
  • Stops missing new business opportunities
  • Focuses on clean data management at point of entry
  • Makes employees more client aware and knowledgeable
  • Reduces unnecessary internal communication and lowers frustration
  • Tracks all new business journeys
  • Increases new lead generation and business growth
  • Outlines a strategy to generate a Single Point of Truth (SPOT)

All these are clear benefits. The OCRM ethos is to raise the value of your greatest assets – your clients and employees (particularly those client-facing) – increasing productively significantly by utilizing technology far more effectively. Programmes are individually tailored based on organisational and business your objectives.

As one CEO said, ‘We do well here, but we could do so much better!’… How well are you doing?

For more information, or to discuss how OCRM can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

Our approach to People

CRM is more about people than software, so before buying or upgrading your CRM technology, make sure that they know what’s going on and are involved

Management and staff should be involved at all stages of your CRM Programme, right from the start. 

The more input that can be encouraged the better.  This will firm up the requirements, build a good set of user benefits and enable a much wider ‘ownership’ culture to be developed.  Those who provide ideas and are involved in their execution will generate the enthusiasm which will create the environment for a successful conclusion.

All the required insights into customer behaviour, sales performance, pipeline status, revenue forecasts etc. which are vital to enable checking of ‘on track’ company operations and targets, will be much easier to produce.

Important discussions are required to determine , the data needed to drive these reports and to find innovative ways to ensure it can be entered really simply by all client-facing teams.

The fundamental requirement of getting full user adoption needs to be addressed at an early stage (but it’s never too late).  While the CRM industry has sold plenty of software licences over the past 20 years they have done little to educate and encourage users to resolve this key issue.

In summary the LogiCRM, OCRM methodology will enable the following:

Identifies stakeholders who can drive ongoing CRM change from the top. People who are well respected, client focused, understand the business and have the authority to make things happen.

  • Clarity on the essential data required by the business and who will take the responsibility for entering it.
  • Agreement on the benefits which users will get from full data usage and the valuable data repository that will be established
  • Recommend how the important data required from the majority of busy users should be collected using simple data methods from all devices – enabling them, to work more effectively.
  • Identify stakeholders who can drive ongoing CRM change from the top. Those who are well respected, client focused, understand the business and have the authority to make things happen.
  • Generate a group of passionate, like-minded managers and employees at different organisational levels who will act as CRM ‘super-users’ and general motivators
  • Encourage the use of positive language. We prefer to talk in benefits and recommend that the phrase ‘Buy In’ is never used!

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

Our approach to Process

Your CRM software can only become a valuable business tool if clear user procedures are put in place. The technology must follow the process not the other way round

A well-defined and structured CRM Technology can have a major impact on your business, both on the bottom line as well as the faster completion of jobs and general reduction in frustration which this clarity will bring.

The implementation of CRM (or the review of an existing system) provides the ideal opportunity to improve  data processes as well as simplicity, improved collaboration between teams and increased efficiency.  Often process reviews are either forgotten or left to IT to sort out as organisations tend to view CRM as a technology play when, in reality, they should be led entirely by the business and the end-user.

Imagine the number of internal meetings, coffee machine moments, texts, emails or calls that are exchanged within your company on a daily basis.  Most of these concern new business, follow ups on meetings, client briefings, general information etc. The majority of these can (and should) be managed within your CRM system by simply revitalizing processes and workflows.

Employees will do what they’re asked to do, as long as they can work according to streamlined and efficient processes, have access to consistent clean data and are given clear instructions on what to do, when to do it and why they are doing it.

Using our OCRM methodology, we will reduce arduous or unnecessary tasks to a minimum and enable your business to redefine the key processes needed to turn your CRM technology into the most valued system within the business.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

Our approach to Data

Data is the lifeblood of any business. Incorrect, incomplete and out of date data is one of the major reasons why CRM fails

When poor quality data is entered into CRM technology, the insights and reports become worthless or even potentially destructive to your business development.

Potential sales can be lost, new business initiatives never seen, valuable trends missed and, worst of all, clients may be getting ignored. Your CRM technology becomes an expensive data silo with very little business worth, with the added danger of management and staff becoming disillusioned and ultimately devaluing the whole programme even further.

Through our OCRM methodology we will work with you to create a data strategy that is best suited to your technology and organisation. This includes general data management as well as developing integration and master data source plans for transfer from legacy systems to create SPOT. All of which are approached from a business and procedural perspective.

Broadly, data is entered into CRM from two sources, either directly by individual users or transferred from other internal (or external) systems.  For both methods, validity checks should be carried out at the point of entry. We would expect that checks for transferred data would be carried out at their source. If this is not the case, a wider data management programme would be recommended.

Also, our methodology addresses data ownership, allocating responsibility to the relevant people or team to ensure that data is entered is the correct place and that entry deadlines are met. This in turn will be supported by creating a schedule for regular data checks to reduce duplicate or incorrect entries, inconsistent terminology, user errors or misunderstandings.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

Our approach to Technology

Organisations often ask us which CRM technology is the best for their business. Our answer is: Why don’t we talk about your business then we can find out.

Choosing the correct CRM technology is essential for success, so buy it for the right reasons, not just because it’s a well-known product or because a friend uses it in their organisation. It must work for your business.

So how can OCRM help you to find the right software? We’ll start by reviewing your organisational and business requirements, providing all client-facing departments with an opportunity to describe what they need, then drilling down into specifics. We will consider your current and future needs and we’ll assess features such as remote/mobile use as well as the integration links required to plan for the creation of the Single Point of Truth (SPOT).

In addition, we will determine priorities, as in our experience, rolling out in phases enables much better acceptance.

When it comes to final system selection, we will work with you to whittle possible vendors down to a small and manageable number based on desk research and our consultancy advice. We will then invite those selected to clearly demonstrate to the project team how well their system is able to handle your requirements and the day to day scenarios which we will have provided to them.  Also, we will expect them to be able to explain how they advise their clients about getting good user adoption, quality data and best practice processes.

Above all, the technology must be user-friendly, intuitive, easily configurable and flexible. If any of those key criteria are missing it gives the ‘naysayers’ too good an excuse to say they won’t use it – so we won’t let that happen!

This is the last of ‘the 4 Essentials’. All of which are approached with equal importance.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

The benefits of a well thought-out CRM implementation

A fit for purpose, CRM system with full user adoption will not only improve customer service and new business generation significantly, but will reduce staff frustration and raise the level of employee engagement as well.

The benefits of good CRM:

  • An energized, more effective sales team
  • Improved lead generation and lead flow
  • Sales and marketing departments not just talking to each other but communicating
  • Visible and trusted sales KPI’s
  • Clear definition on when an opportunity starts
  • Show the average time taken by sales for an opportunity to close
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each sales staff member
  • Enhanced pre-sales and post sales opportunities
  • Immediate view of the pipeline
  • Improved sales forecasting and the potential for more innovative use of sales commission
  • Clear reports showing pipeline, monthly sales and revenue forecasts
  • Positive ‘behaviour change’ of sales teams
  • More up to date and consistent data
  • Proper use of Admin, providing sales teams more time to sell
  • Regular and ad-hoc reports produced more quickly
  • Bad data entries being corrected immediately resulting in much cleaner and more trustworthy data
  • Sales training needs identified by consistent sales process recording
  • Reduction in unnecessary Internal Communications
  • Happier, less frustrated staff
  • More knowledge about clients, resulting in improved service/ delivery
  • Less siloed data
  • Reduction in the number of duplicated records
  • Clear 360-degree view of clients and key contacts
  • Visibility of all current client relationships means more sales opportunities

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

The impact of poorly implemented CRM technology

Management will end up with two headaches – the original one which CRM was supposed to solve, and an expensive and worthless system only used by a handful of users.

Common issues that arise due to a poorly implemented CRM system:

  • Sales Management not knowing how long sales are taking to make
  • No improvement in sales forecasting
  • Monthly reports still taking days instead of minutes to generate
  • Too much time spent gathering and checking data from legacy systems
  • Insufficient data-sharing and communication between departments
  • Duplicate data causing confusion and lack of trust in the CRM capability
  • Lack of general client knowledge
  • No consistency in client follow up
  • No central data ownership policy
  • Sales opportunities being lost due to silo-based operations
  • Staff taking too long to answer client queries
  • Staff not knowing client history at meetings
  • Original CRM objectives not being met
  • Different terminology and language being used throughout the Organisation
  • Lack of ways to measure returns from investment
  • Lack of clarity about who owns and is responsible for record updating
  • No viable verification process when creating new client records
  • No central database to hold the Single Point of Truth (SPOT)

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

CRM Health Check

If you want to grow your business, increase revenue and provide a better client service then fit for purpose technology is crucial. And staff need to use it!

Is your CRM technology helping to make your new business generation and client servicing more efficient? Has it improved teamwork and internal communication and, perhaps a surprising question, is it being used? 

If your CRM is starting to gather dust or is not performing as expected, then it’s time to reinvigorate it with a LogiCRM Health check.  Using our OCRM Methodology we will work through the following key items:

  • Objectives: What you expected to achieve on initial roll-out and what you want to achieve in the future
  • Current Status: What has been implemented so far and why it hasn’t performed as it should
  • Benefits: Reviewing what full achievement of the objectives and CRM best-practices can do to the wellbeing of staff and the bottom line of your company
  • Project Success Factors and ROI: How you will judge success and convert achievements into realistic returns
  • Recommendations: A set of best practice actions which will bring your CRM project back on track

Also, we will determine the impact which ‘The four Essentials for CRM Success’ can make on your business:

  • Cleanliness, correctness, clarity and consistency of Data and Processes
  • The CRM technology being fit for purpose and user friendly
  • The support and encouragement provided by Senior Executives
  • The completeness of User Adoption

The Health Check consultation will be at your offices and meetings will be held with those individuals who have a good understanding of your day-to-day business operations.  These should include stakeholders, management and/or employees. A final report covering all recommendations will be produced.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

Sales Generator

Do you really know what’s going on and how well your sales teams are performing? Is this based on anecdotal evidence or on real facts?

At LogiCRM we understand best sales practice and the vital supporting role that CRM technology plays when it comes to tracking and improving your customer potential.

Encouraging your sales team to use CRM technology more effectively will reinvigorate your business by improving the overall client service, provide cleaner data, generate new business leads and streamlinecommunication  with other client-facing teams.

The core areas which we are asked to address most often are:

  • Making the sales process simpler, reducing the number of stages and defining clearly when an opportunity can be moved to the next stage.
  • Determining what data is mandatory for the business, then agreeing ownership and deadlines for regular data updates
  • Checking sales performance – Reviewing averages across the team/s with regards to the total length of a sale, the time taken at each stage, size of the deal etc. Utilising what the best performers do so these can be applied, where appropriate, to raise team standards. Often this work can identify a need for additional sales training or allocation of tasks as some may be very good at generating leads while others are good at closing.
  • Determining consistency of language and process between different functions, specifically sales and marketing, for use within CRM to enable them all to use the same terminology. Building on this to get these two important functions communicating better with each other, rather than just talking
  • Reviewing the accuracy of your sales forecasting and recommending innovative ways to pay sales commission to change sales behaviours so that more precise and detailed opportunity data can be obtained
  • To advise on full User Adoption and provide strategies to ensure that this most fundamental requirement for successful CRM technology is met and that all employees get real benefits from it

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com

CRM Consultancy

We focus on consultancy from the ‘front end’, meaning we approach projects from the business and user perspective using practical, well proven and workable strategies

Our OCRM consultancy services provide a natural follow-on from the recommendations given in your LogiCRM Health Check or for those who want to reinvigorate their business by using expert help.

The Consultancy Services include:

  • Pre-CRM Project Preparation and Readiness for Change:
    Ensuring that stakeholders are made aware of best practice actions required to enable CRM success. Create strategies for their involvement, user adoption and change management prior to the commencement of the programme.
  • Gathering business and functional Requirements for new or updated Projects:
    To generate a clear, concise and detailed set of requirements getting input from all the teams who will be using the system. To include priorities, timescales and an implementation plan.
  • System Selection:
    To obtain all necessary documentation including Use Cases which potential vendors would be expected to demonstrate. To ask them to explain how they will provide best practice implementation and user acceptance process.
  • Project Management, Implementation and Testing:
    To lead, motivate and/or mentor the client’s team to ensure the roll out meets expectations, satisfies the requirements and users adopt it. To develop/advise on the functional spec, timescales, budget, configuration, testing, training, roll out and ongoing support (both product and system).
  • Data Management Strategy:
    To include data identification, mandatory data recommendations, consistent terminology, reports review, data ownership protocol, ongoing data cleanliness and an integrated master data ‘single point of truth (SPOT)’ plan.
  • Change Management, User Adoption and Training:
    Working with stakeholders and knowledgeable users to generate benefits for each user type, easy to enter data, use of positive language, and simple, focused go-live training.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us on 07768 373 963 or mike.driver@logicrm.com


Mike has an excellent understanding of ‘what makes CRM work’. His ideas are ‘user focused’ and I would be pleased to recommend him to other companies who are looking to make significant improvements to their client relationships.’

~ Peter Boddington, National Marketing Manager, Baker Tilly

“…Mike led the thought process for change, pulled together all the necessary detailed information, obtained agreement on process and data ownership then presented a concise set of documentation for final Steering Committee sign off…As well as carrying out the specific project he made other recommendations about how our CRM application and structure could be improved still further. He is a very experienced CRM operative and clearly has done this type of work before. I would be pleased to recommend him to anyone looking for more value from CRM and to leverage all their client relationships.”

~ Mark Harries, Business Manager, London Stock Exchange

“…Mike did a great job! Feedback from the sales force was excellent and we made significant positive improvements in the time that Mike was with us. ”

~ David Rolfe, Sales Director, LexisNexis UK

“ I invited Mike to present his practical experience of implementing CRM to our demanding and challenging Executive MBA programme.  Mike’s presentation was succinct,  practical and full of real life insights that the students found extremely valuable. He engaged brilliantly with our students- each of whom is already on a fast track career with lively wit, energy and a wealth of examples.” 

~ Dr. Sionade Robinson, Director, FTMBA Programme, Cass Business School



With a background in sales, sales training and management, Mike looks at CRM from the end users’ and business development perspective.

He has been involved in this industry for over 20 years.  He has seen the evolution from Customer Relationship Management to CRM and then to it becoming a 3 letter IT acronym.  Initialy, it was called Contact Management with applications like ACT, Maximiser and GoldMine running the show. In the days of Palm Pilots and Psion Personal Organisers when the sales focus was on enabling individuals to manage their own contacts more effectively.

Over the years, Mike has worked with many of the well-known CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Seibel, SugarCRM, as well as client-built specialist bespoke systems.

Some of the world’s biggest and most customer centric brands (including Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Reuters, Knight Frank, BT, The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK) have chosen to work with Mike to help develop CRM strategies, generate their business requirements, redefine internal processes, review poor user adoption, initiate change, train staff and motivate management to ensure CRM technology is not just implemented but becomes an integral asset to the company.

Mike’s work has taken him to many parts of the world including the US, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and Europe.  He has worked on a range of projects, providing him with expert knowledge of international CRM implementation and the different cultural and geographical requirements associated with this.

Although Mike has come across every fault, issue and poor implementation method that you can imagine, his core belief and passion remains in the value which well implemented CRM can bring.

Nothing surprises him when it comes to CRM. One of his strengths is that all is never lost and with guidance, care and clear thinking, anything can be overcome in any circumstance.

Note that LogiCRM will work with tried and tested specialised Associates when required.